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After watching that video, I am certain you can relate in at least a few ways. This online meal prep course will offer you solutions to break through your barriers and create healthy and sustainable habits, one week at a time.

With my simple and easy to follow tips with practical application for adding meal prep into your life, you'll begin to see how easy it is to get the health results you want. You'll quickly notice that you can start clean eating without the pressures of a diet. 

When you purchase the course you'll have immediate access to all of the materials.  (Starting Monday, April 1)

  • I will be hosting 2 online groups each month using Facebook. While these are optional, they will allow you direct access to ask me questions and get feedback throughout the week. Each group will quickly form their own community and learn from one another.
  • Throughout these groups, you'll be encouraged to post pics of your successes and share your struggles in order to make improvements from week to week! 

The next 2 Facebook groups will start the following dates and run for 5 weeks (giving you one week after the course is finished to catch up and check in).

Group Names (Search in Facebook or email me to add you)

Step Into Your Kitchen  - April 19th 

I can't wait to help you with this next step of your health journey. 
In health through delicious meals,

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