Quick Cardio Circuit – As seen on SA Live 1/17/18

Originally posted January 17, 2018 | Jenni Eicher

Sometimes, life happens and gets in the way of your regularly scheduled workout.

And sometimes, it feels so hard to get a routine started.

As I showed on SA Live today, there’s always time for a workout. ALWAYS.

And Remember, my weekly Meal Guides are the KEY to MAINTAINING this healthy lifestyle. It’s not a diet -its a sustainable way to live!


So why should you  take the time to squeeze in a workout?

~ When you commit to yourself, you’re more likely to stay committed to other people and goals in your life.

~ Say what?! You don’t want that endorphin high…turning that frown upside down? Exercise is proven to boost your mood!

~ YOU DESERVE IT! Taking time for your health now will positively impact your future.

This circuit is designed to give you a great burn if you have 10minutes or  30 minutes. Please make sure to watch each video carefully, to see each proper posture and option.

Then set your timer and blast your favorite playlist. GET. THAT. HEART. PUMPING!

Post your comments and questions below! Let’s work!


Exercise 1: Backwards Lunge with a Wide Squat

Exercise 2: Standing Oblique Crunch

Exercise 3: Surrenders

Exercise 4: Burpee Shuffles

Exercise 5: Table Top Reaches