Crustless Quiche Recipe Test Group

I have had numerous conversations with clients who don’t seem to have any energy early morning. Most often it’s due to lack of fuel to keep going. So what is that fuel I’m referring to? Food! A natural and balanced meal can make or break the start of your day. But who has time for that? As I fill the final holes for my cookbook, I wanted to create a few variations of this recipe, a crustless quiche,  with different flavor profiles. I started with an Italian variation and added a Mexican variation to the mix. This round, I upgraded the Italian variation (with bacon to begin) and decided to see what y’all thought.

Here’s why I love these quiches: They have the correct portions of veggies, proteins and healthy carbs to start your day right. They fuel your body and keep you going longer. Better yet, when short on time, I can serve up a portion for lunch or dinner too and feel completely satisfied.

So here’s the deal: There isn’t a recipe posted in this blog. BUT WAIT! You can still get this recipe. All you have to do is be within the first 30 people to subscribe to my blogs and email me. That’s it! I’ll send you this recipe to test. Once the first 30 have the recipe, this recipe won’t be available until my cookbook is published!

As this recipe is an upgrade, it also needs a test group! So, if you are part of the first 30 people AND you want to provide thoughtful feedback (by Sunday September 16th), I’ll send you the Mexican variation upon completion of the survey. So don’t waste any more time:

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