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Why in the world did I title my book and blog: 

Take Back Your Kitchen?

It definitely was intentional.

To get the health results you want, go back to the basics. Start in your kitchen. Let your kitchen become the heartbeat of your home and create a new standard and quality of daily living.

The expectation is not to become the next master home chef or even start off cooking every meal. This book is designed to shift your view towards a healthier lifestyle. It will allow you to reprogram how you view food, nutrients, and flavors. My hope is that you’ll find new, maintainable habits that give you more life.

So where’s my proof that this works? Let’s start with my story. I too have had my own transformation and learned how to make clean eating a lifestyle.

I didn’t start cooking until after college and I honestly didn’t care what I ate until I was in my mid-twenties. I grew up in a family of home bakers and I credit that to my sweet tooth. These two components combined make for trouble when I’m stressed and busy. I am also your typical emotional eater, which has lead to the inevitable roller coaster of weight gain and loss. Even now that I have removed refined and processed foods from my diet, I still have to be mindful during busy and stressful seasons. But it is this new lifestyle that has truly helped me stop craving sweets. Better yet, now that I have meals and healthy snacks on hand, I make wiser food choices that are full of flavor and void of guilt. I am proud to say that for the last 4 years I have maintained my weight, size and improved my overall health and quality of life.

However, my story had a major plot twist 4 years that was the catalyst for this lifestyle change.

That catalyst was a constant and severe pain, nausea, bloating and fatigue. Having just lessened my workload, my overall health and energy should have been improving. Nonetheless, it seemed to be quickly spiraling in the opposite direction. I started to remove not only gluten from my diet but also dairy. But months later, when I was still unable to digest anything and my symptoms were not improving, I knew I needed a more drastic approach.  After many tests, my naturopath helped me to understand my inflammation flare up. We decided to remove all inflammatory foods from my diet; additives, processed sugars, grains, and dairy to see if the food I was eating had a direct correlation to my symptoms.

Within weeks, it was clear that the food I put into my body had a profound impact on how I felt and my quality of life. While there was no easing into this new lifestyle for me, as I strongly encourage you to do, I still felt that within a month or two I had the meal prep process down to an art.  I became an ingredient super-sleuth and can honestly say that the time and effort put forth in the beginning, has changed my quality of life moving forward.

My results were proof that proper nutrition IS the magic ticket to a better quality of life. Within the first two and a half months of creating this lifestyle, I lost 15 pounds: a whopping 10% of my body weight! Keep in mind this is not an average percentage to lose in that time frame. It’s quite high. Clearly, this shows is that I had a ton of inflammation built up and once my triggers were gone, the weight seemed to melt away.

My true success is that I’ve been able to maintain this lifestyle, feeling more alive than ever. The energy I’ve gained, clarity of mind and overall improved health are better than any weight loss. The fact that I have more energy at 36 years old than I did at 30 is proof I’m on the right track.

In the last year and a half, I have added back healthy grains and some dairy. I now know how to manage eating out and travel without feeling like an outcast or constantly feeling sick or having to restart a diet. I LIVE my “diet” and allow “cheats” here and there without any worry of gaining weight or abdominal pain.

Each of you reading this has a different story, but we can all share in a desire for longevity and health. A desire to raise a healthy family or inspire someone who is living with a health condition to make changes too. Whatever your reason, start with the simple steps provided in this book. Give it a month of dedicated focus and check in with your progress. Re-evaluate, choose another focus and continue the process.  I promise those small changes will add up to BIG results.

So what are you waiting for? Take back your life! Take back what you’ve lost over the years of busy schedules. Is it another commitment? YES. But it’s a commitment to yourself and


So check out my book, free recipes and even my article about Clean Eating to give you a better quality of life; one simple habit and delicious recipe at a time!

In health,